In recent years, our company has been on a path of continuous evolution, and 2024 represents a new turning point for our holding companies Efort W.F.C. and Efort Europe.

As of this month, Efort Systems, the Group company dedicated to the import and distribution of Efort robots in Europe, changes its name, becoming Efort Robotics. Likewise, the company known as Evolut Service, dedicated to maintenance and service activities in the automation and robotics sectors, will instead be named Robotics Service.

A strategic and coherent decision, dictated by the determination and vision of a single great Group that wants to present itself with a new and homogeneous image, bolstered by the particularly competitive positioning of the parent brand in an ever-expanding global market.

At the same time, this shift clearly defines the business segment we are targeting and unequivocally outlines our direction in the future of robotics, emphasizing our desire to be a major player.

The rebranding of the two companies will involve not only adapting the logo and company name, but also updating the website address and all our communication channels, both online and offline.

Conscious of the impact and scope of this operation, we are convinced that this is the right time to embark on this new path. We guarantee that the quality of our products, our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, and our excellence will remain unaltered. This change will only strengthen our ability to meet future challenges with greater cohesion and determination.

We trust that the path shared so far, and the trust placed in our work can be further consolidated, enabling us to take this significant step into the future together.

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